So what’s your world view?

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Did some research, looks like everyone has a worldview every individual that I’ve talked to have a worldview every corporation has their corporate worldview so why should Crownlinks LLC be any different. As the founder, roaster of fine coffee, director of marketing, and all around bottle washer. I have attempted to put into words the worldview of Crownlinks Coffee and Tea. In attempting to reduce this to writing I determined that it would be so long that no one would take the time to read so I decided to do it in a little different fashion. First of all my worldview started when I was a child and first came to know Jesus Christ as my personal savior. From that time on my worldview has been developing. Thinking back into my childhood I determined that much of my worldview came from the songs that I learned. There are five that I have listed, if you know them, sing along. Below are the YouTube sites that you can listen to and enjoy.

So, what’s your world view and how was it formulated?  You are welcome to respond

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