The quest for the perfect cup of coffee

A cup of coffee
can be very good
but not perfect.



Growing:  The climate, to wet, to dry, cold, or hot.

Processing:   Improper temperature, humidity, supervision, every malformed or spoiled been removed.

Shipping: Exposure to dampness, saltwater air,or other contaminants.

Warehouse storage:   Two hot, to cold, damp, dry, stored too long.

The roast:   Under roasted,  over roasted, improper cooling.

Freshness:  Coffee quickly looses its freshness within 7 to 9 days after roasting (freshly roasted coffee has the best taste)

The grind:  Is the grind the right grind for your method of brewing?

Brewing:   Coffee pot not clean, poor quality of the water, improper water temperature.

Every person will judge the coffee they drink.

Like a cup of coffee people can be good but does God demand perfection?

A perfect cup of coffee is really not very important in the final questions of one’s present and future life. God the creator and ultimate judge demands a perfect you. Why? God is holy perfect and just He desires a relationship with you.  He wants to give you joy in this life and forever.  He wants to make you perfect in His sight. The Bible says “No one is good (perfect)  – not even one.” All have turned away from God all have gone wrong no one does good not even one. Romans 3:10 – 12

The imperfect made perfect.

Good News

You are made perfect in God’s sight when you trust in Jesus Christ to take away your (imperfections) sins. “Yet now God in this gracious kindness declares you not guilty he has done this through Christ Jesus, who has freed you by taking away (your imperfections) your sins.” “For God sent Jesus to take the punishment for your sins and to satisfy God’s demand for perfection.  You are made right with God when you believe that Jesus shed his blood, sacrificing his life for you and now living in interceding for you before His Father in heaven.

Can you then boast that you have done anything to be accepted by God?   No, in His grace he forgives you of sin, giving you peace, joy, and life eternal. Read Romans 3:21 – 30 and John 3:16 – 17 in the New Testament.

The Good News is you can have a great relationship with the holy loving and just God.

If you have a desire to know more and want to discuss the wonderful opportunity for a changed life email Wayne or Barbara King or call usat 812 – 379 – 4194 we will be happy to discuss this life changer.


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