Rôti de café Pour “The King”


Offered in 10 oz bags or 10 iFill Cups

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The King has asked for coffee.
The decree went forth throughout the land, The King wants coffee.

Upon hearing the King’s request the grower brought the very best that he had grown. Taking the coffee berries down the mountain he gave his best coffee to the processor. The processor had also heard the Kings request. So the processor did his very best. Knowing that his best would need the extra care of the shipper he found the best and the fastest to carry the coffee beans to the roaster. The roaster applied his art and skill to roasting the coffee just right making sure it was his best. By special messenger the roasted coffee was taken to the Kings chef where he did his very best to prepare the coffee for the King.

The King drank, a smile brightened His face. The King exclaimed this is the best coffee I have ever had. The King was a benevolent King. Standing He said this coffee should not be for the King alone. The King proclaimed, “This is a coffee to be shared with the people and for their enjoyment and pleasure”.

When the people heard this decree they shouted