Our Mission

Dedicated to the Kingdom of God and the salvation of Haiti

Our Mission Wayne & Barb King

In 1999, Wayne King took two of his grandsons to the country of Haiti. While there, God gave Wayne a burden for both the spiritual and physical conditions of the people there.

During this trip, Wayne learned about roasting coffee while visiting the One Mission Society compound in Northern Haiti. This is where Radio 4VEH’s station is located. Since then, our mission has been roasting coffee for family, friends and customers ever since.

Wayne and Barbara are committed to praying for and giving to God’s work.

When you purchase Crownlinks coffee you are supporting our mission to support the nation of Haiti.

Our Mission is Simple

Crownlinks mission is to provide you with the freshest, highest quality roasted coffee from around the world at a fair price.

Donating all our profits to Radio 4VEH, a Christian radio station broadcasting across Haiti with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

About Radio 4VEH

For listeners in towns and remote areas around Haiti, Radio 4VEH is a daily lifeline. How will people know there’s a storm coming? A disease damaging their crops…or that God so loved the world He sent His only Son—unless someone tells them?

Radio 4VEH’s Mission includes:

  • Share life-saving information—especially important during hurricane season and with cholera outbreaks.
  • Support farming families with on-air training and advice.
  • Keep listeners informed of news and community events—like the inauguration of Haiti’s new president.
  • Tell someone about God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, perhaps for the first time.
  • Encourage and challenge believers to follow Christ in their daily lives, in their families and in their communities.
  • Strengthen churches through trusted Bible teaching and application.

Your support of Crownlinks Coffee directly helps to keep Radio 4VEH on the air as a voice of hope in Haiti.