The Lord will provide.

The Lord surely does provide. As you know Crownlinks Coffee and Tea is in business for the purpose of supporting Radio 4VEH with all the profits generated.  It has been a joy to roast for the Lord.  I must tell you that I been less than fulfilled.  While we roast some 22 varieties of coffee and sell 52 different teas I have always felt our product line to be lacking.  You ask where is the hole?  The hole was that I roast coffee from countries of the world but have never been able to provide coffee from the country of Haiti. The reason has been that the quality of coffee that I require has not been available.  I have talked with folks in Haiti as well as individuals in the coffee supply business, and nothing, that is until I had the good fortune of finding ECOCAFEHAITI.  The coffee produced by the farmers and production staff can now meet the highest standards of the Speciality Coffee Association.


I have joined with the Mission organization called ECOCAFE HAITI, a Christian led organization focused on re-establishing the growing and processing of coffee in Haiti. I would ask you to take a few minutes of your time and go to  EcoCafe Haiti  learn about ECOCAFE. Crownlinks has Haitian coffee.