Haiti a land of need, Pray for Haiti

haiti kid

   There is something you can do for Haiti.


Haiti’s a wonderful place the country has great beauty the people are delightful, all that being said it remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Crownlinks Coffee delights in purchasing the highest quality coffee available for our customers to enjoy. Roasting this coffee freshly and then distributed to our customers our desire is to bring that bit of Haiti to each one of you that makes the purchase. As you know all of the profits derived from the coffee roasting business go to support radio 4VEH, a Christian radio station which has been serving Haiti for over 60 years. Those are the facts regarding Crownlinks Coffee and their business activity. There is so much more that you can participate in. Example you could send medical help to Haiti, you can help to build schools, you could help to build orphanages, you could help to build churches, and the list goes on and on the needs are great. Perhaps you’re not inclined to donate funds or your inclination is simply to say I have other interests in the world and I trust that that is so, but at what I would ask you to do is to consider praying for Haiti. In this blog you will find the link and a video produced by Prayer Cast that will help you to pray for and read some of the information regarding Haiti.  Would you take the time view this information and then Pray for Haiti.


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