Can your cup of coffee determine what kind of day you will have?



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Morning coffee

What kind of day you will have?

Many of us start our day wondering what kind of day you will have? Some will, with their  morning cup of coffee,  spend time in the Scriptures and read and drink and drink and read  (this is my personal recommendation) while others will spend the time in conversation with their wife or children. Morning coffee means different things to different folks. But, have you ever thought about your morning cup of coffee as your personal weatherman?


use-coffee-to-predict-the-weather 1

          Look out for rain tomorrow.


When you pour your morning coffee here are a couple things to watch for, if the bubbles stay in the middle or the center of the cup then the weather will be fair, if the bubbles form at the side of the cup it means rain, and if they scatter all over the cup the weather will change. I checked this out and it appears that meteorologists agree and confirm this. There is reliable science regarding the way air pressure affects the coffee’s surface tension. Bet you didn’t know that your coffee cup was also a weather forecaster, be sure to use a cup of strong coffee. Weak or instant coffee doesn’t work.

Just one more thought, remember, Crownlinks Coffee is freshly roasted so, enjoy

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